I am a green lawyer that is interested in reducing waste, increasing workflow productivity while conserving our precious natural resources. Contrary to popular belief, all of the above can be accomplished through the implementation of innovative technology that already exists in the marketplace.

By writing this article, I hope to persuade other lawyers and law firms to transform their legal practice to a greener practice because it is economically sensible to cut costs where possible in this recession.

From a practical point of view, I designed my workflow process from client interview to client invoicing to be a paperless process thereby saving time, reducing costly office supplies and increasing productivity.

My suggestion to other lawyers and law firms would be to adhere to the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) that I have implemented in my consumer bankruptcy practice to reduce costs in their current work flow processes.

1. During the first client interview – take electronic notes on a quite keyboard.

2. Between the first and second interview – direct the client to complete an online questionnaire on your website to supplement any answers to questions they were unable to completely answer during the first interview.

3. Ensure that any online form or questionnaire that is been completed by the client is on a secure fire-walled server with 128/256 encryption.

4. Download the online form or questionnaire from the secure server into your business/home office PC and merge the data to save time and increase productivity.

5. File the complaint or bankruptcy petition electronically.

6. Email the invoice to the client – which has the dual benefit of conserving paper and knowledge that the client received the invoice.

7. For due diligence, create a PDF of every document during the course of the legal representation and store on your home/office PC, external hard-drive and off-site secure server.

8. Feel good about been a green lawyer!

The above seven (7) steps can be applied to any practice area by using innovative technology that already exists in the marketplace. Implementing these proactive measures increases workflow productivity, reduces waste and conserves our precious resources.

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