Foreclosure Defense – How to save your Home!

YOU CAN DO NOTHING which will result in the judge issuing a judgement against the debtor.
A judgment against the debtor for failing to answer the foreclosure lawsuit is also called a default judgment.  Once a bank (mortgage company) obtains a default judgment, the next step in the foreclosure process is to schedule a sheriff sale and sell the property. If the homeowner does nothing, the foreclosure process takes about three and a half months from start to finish.


YOU CAN CONTEST THE FORECLOSURE COMPLAINT which will result in the the foreclosure proceeding been permanently derailed or significantly delayed. This approach benefits the homeowner.

There are dozens of justifable legal arguments that can be included in an answer to a foreclosure complaint. Drafting an answer to a foreclosure complaint should be done by a lawyer but if you cannot afford a lawyer the following website and book should help you understand how to draft an answer to a foreclosure complaint.

1. Website:

2. Book:

Title: The Foreclosure Survival Guide by NOLO
Cost: $21.99
Buy online by using the following ISBN numbers:
a) ISBN-13: 978-1-4133-0910-2
b) ISBN-10: 1-4133-0910-0

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